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Political Hand Gestures as Meme Magic Rituals for Winning

A lot of what’s written online about occult hand gestures (aka mudras) as they relate to politics almost always leans towards the paranoid. There’s claims that virtually every gesture has some hardwired nefarious intent behind it. What’s actually the case is that gestures can take on collective programmed intentions during different time periods. For example the ‘devil horns’ gesture of today was a method of warding off bad luck and the evil eye in ancient Mediterranean cultures, even during Christian times. Hand gestures used as a way of enacting your will are simply micro-rituals to empower a wish or state of mind in yourself, others, or your environment.

Gestures can certainly be done with malevolent or benevolent intent and they may be done covertly or overtly, but freeze frames of politicians and other people using them during their speeches is not proof that they were used intentionally, let alone with nefarious intent. Everyone except the most brainwashed of people agree that the state of the entertainment media and political affairs in most parts of the world has declined into levels of extreme depravity and corruption. This naturally leads to the assumption that every image of someone doing something remotely esoteric looking with their hands must be a part of some satanic order.

Posed photo shoot images of people using really obvious hand signs demonstrates intent though as they had to consciously make the effort to do that during the shot (as opposed to a candid shot or a cherry-picked frame from an animated speech). In the case of celebrities a lot of them are simply instructed to do these things without necessarily knowing why or what it might mean, but again many are also probably fully aware of what they’re doing.

If we remain objective about the whole phenomenon instead of dismissing the entire concept as purely satanic and evil, we can recognize how these strategies might be able to be utilized by ourselves or our movement in benevolent ways. Don’t think that I’m trying to run cover for anyone here, as clearly there’s many perverse and depraved occult groups in the world who do seed these ‘gesture rituals’ out to their puppets in media, political, and religious power as a means of advancing their agendas.

When you look to almost any political movement in modern times there’s almost always a hand gesture or salute associated with it.

This can tell you a lot about a movement and it can also serve as a way of understanding how to defeat a movement first on a spiritual level, which then manifests downward through the mental, emotional, and finally physical spheres. If you think this concept is absurd, I don’t see value in wasting our time trying to convince you of it. I’m sharing this for those who want to further understand this spiritual principle and want to consciously take part in turning the state of world affairs in our favour.

There’s been many writings done on this type of “mobile magickal practice” and its been known that occult orders have utilized them in varying capacities. Many politicians in the past and present have also been revealed to have been a part of various types of secret orders. They usually employ a number of different covert gestures while the public is encouraged to use a single overt gesture or salute as a means of charging their hold on power. This is partly the resulting evolution from a time when the state was combined with the church. The royal/priest class did certain things in secret and other things in public to help maintain their hold on power. Again sometimes these may have been malevolent, sometimes they were benevolent, and they were sometimes neutral as well.

One author who has explained this so well is Franz Bardon. In his book “Initiation into Hermetics” in ‘Step IV – Magical Schooling of the Physical Body’ he goes in depth on the methods of using hand gestures as micro-rituals for achieving desired in effects on yourself, others, or your environment. As a word of caution I highly recommend against attempting this practice without precisely following the instructions he lays out in his book, and in the right order up until you get to the point where he’s describing this. What he explains to us is that:

“…certain political movements and parties perform magical procedures in the manner of their salutations or greeting gestures indirectly, while constantly adding vital energy, even in small amounts, to the common reservoir through continuous repetition.” p. 133

This shows us that there’s often an intentional magickal effect behind a political movement’s choice of gesture or salute that they have the public use as a rallying call. It should be mentioned though that in modern elections where democratic parties fight for power, you rarely see gestures being widely used. These are more often seen with bigger movements that seek to overthrow a system, such as in revolutions, military coups, etc. Bardon explains how a hand ritual works by starting with a goal or intention you want realized:

“Whenever you want your personal wish promptly realized, bind it to your own little ritual or gesture. The best is a finger gesture. Imagine that through this gesture your wish becomes a reality, or rather, has already become a reality.” p. 132

This whole process is very similar to the tool used in psychology known as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). The only difference here is that NLP in the context of it being applied to a physical movement or posture is claimed to only have an effect on the person doing it (or on another person as with the action of ‘anchoring’), while these hand gesture micro-rituals are said to affect anything the intention behind them is directed toward, even things at a distance from you. Bardon then goes on to further explain how this works:

“When you have reached the point that a wish has become fully automatized in the imagination, then the procedure is again reversed; you execute the gesture or ritual and the imagination or the particular energy automatically releases the effect. This is the actual purpose of the ritual or gesture, finger position or body posture.”

“Frequent repetition of the imagination of the gesture or ritual which you have selected establishes a reservoir of energy in the causal sphere of the Akasha principle…”

“When this reservoir is loaded through frequent repetition, the mere ritual then releases a part of the energy from the reservoir and causes the necessary effect.” p. 133

Whether or not a political movement has a highly detailed intention or not isn’t always even necessary. Any political force by its nature is fundamentally seeking increased power through expansion and resources, so the general micro-ritual the public engages in acts as a way of ‘charging the battery’ of that movement’s overall potential. The way that power needs to be directed will change over time so those details aren’t necessary to flesh out at the time of creating the ‘charging hand gesture’, just the general trajectory of the movement. This is like how the general flight path of an aircraft is set before takeoff, but the various adjustments a pilot has to take mid-flight are impossible to predict so those are dealt with as they arise.

Events before and during WW2 give a good understanding of this.

There’s three hand gestures that represent the three major factions that participated in this war. To win, two factions had to become allied, but their ideological divisions are apparent enough. Also later on after the war the USSR and the West have had many decades of conflict both economic as well as cold stalemates that have threatened major physical altercations.

The Raised Fist: The communist party in Weimar Germany (an extension of the USSR) had been using it and so had the anti-fascist movement in Spain before and during WW2. Its earliest origins are seen in depictions of the Assyrian goddess Ishtar. It’s a very natural gesture one makes in resisting an opponent (ever thrown your fist in the air when a sports team you’re rooting for scores?). Nevertheless in modern times it has come to be associated with any branch of the radical left.

The Roman Salute: Its mainstream view of what it’s connected with is exclusively National Socialism in Germany, but its origins possibly come from it being a common Roman military salute, however no surviving Roman text or artwork depicts the salute. Its true origins may lie in 18th century France where it was used in artwork and plays depicting the Roman era. It was also used in the U.S. pre-WW2 during the pledge of allegiance where it was called the Bellamy salute. This was changed to the ‘hand over the heart’ gesture by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Victory Gesture: This has since become known as a “peace sign” but it was used by Winston Churchill. It’s exact origins are unclear and its claimed that it was used by Welsh and English archers in the 15th century (the index and middle finger are necessary to draw a bowstring back), but no historical works support this claim. In 1942, famed occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have invented the usage of the V-sign as a magical foil to the Nazis’ use of the Swastika (and perhaps salute).

A major component of what makes a hand gesture powerful is what it’s already associated with in people’s minds. Some gestures can even have a further natural instinctual association with something, so for example you’d never try to create a hand gesture to represent peace and use a threatening type of motion like with the raised fist, even without its current cultural associations. You may have realized that each of these three hand gestures are used in the game ‘rock-paper-scissors’. Once you think about this it makes you wonder whether the use of these gestures were completely coincidental or by design.

The communist raised fist came first historically and so it likely was just seen as just a good gesture to help rally people behind. The NSDAP’s use of the Roman salute may have been a response to that since it appears like paper, and paper covers rock. Now even if that had been coincidental, Churchill’s choice to implement the V-sign may very well have been connected to understanding this game. Utilizing the gesture with this in mind would have made it potent on a number of levels. The mental propaganda effect of “scissors cuts paper” which is also humorous, the emotional effect of declaring ‘Victory’ in the present while the war was still going on (note what Bardon said about affirming a wish in the present tense when creating a micro-ritual), and the spiritual effect of the sign’s long historical association (whether accurate or not) with the past warriors of the UK.

The resulting historical events seem to have played out in accordance with the rules of rock-paper-scissors.

In reality there’s no evidence that any political faction’s choice of their gesture was based off this, but the Axis (paper) was easily beating the communists (rock), then the Allies (scissors) came and beat the Axis. Also post-WW2, despite the perception that the West outlasted the USSR (communism spread to many countries and now 2 out of the top 3 world powers have their roots in this), we’ve now been seeing communism beating the West through slow cultural infiltration to the point where we’re on the precipice of a civilization collapse.

During this time we’ve also seen the resurrection of a global Islamic caliphate embodied by the index finger salute, which had previously only really been known to Westerners as a way to show ‘#1 status’ in a sports context. The origin of this gesture in Islam goes a ways back but its popularity is much more recent. Going back to the schoolyard game of rock-paper-scissors, this gesture has been used as a troll that signifies “dynamite” that kids would throw out as a way of beating any of the other three choices by default.

While there’s more to the choice of this ‘dynamite’ gesture than its similarity to the childhood game troll tactic (in Islam it signifies their belief in one single god), its use raises the question of what the global political response to Islamic conquest should be. Do we require a movement represented by a hand symbol that is outside of these original three popular ‘rock-paper-scissors’ gestures? In a relatively short number of years we’ve seen the umbrella movement called the Alt-Right come on to the scene. While it embodies a range of factions within it, it has frequently taken on symbolism from National Socialist Germany, including the Roman salute.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s win in November of 2016, at the NPI conference held in Washington D.C. some audience members gave the Roman salute after Richard Spencer, the organizer of the event, said his closing remarks. Since showing the first signs of adopting an ‘Alt-Right view’ in early 2016, famed #1 most subscribed YouTuber Pewdiepie has shown no signs of slowing down his increasingly overt National Socialist dog whistles, which often include Roman salutes. On January 31st 2017 some male students at Cypress Ranch High School in Texas gave a Roman salute in response to other students giving the ‘Raised Fist’ gesture during a group photo.

Now if it wasn’t already obvious from the content of my work, I’m far from being opposed to this gesture and everything that it represents. If looked at purely from the context of what effect it has as a response to the ideologies present in the West, such as the creeping Cultural Marxism that is now present at every level of media and in the platforms of most political parties, it is proving to be effective (paper beats rock). My concern is how would a movement embodied by the Roman salute stand up to one that is unified by a symbolic gesture that counters it such as the Islamic single finger salute or some unknown movement that has yet to take shape that chooses to adopt the V-sign.

Perhaps my entire theory on the mass psychological effect of incorporating these gestures from childhood games into political movement salutes is completely out to lunch. If it has some merit though, those of us in within white nationalism should be playing 5D chess and thinking ahead to when the rising Alt-Right finishes vanquishing the major institutions of Cultural Marxism throughout the West. If we have a secondary movement within the Alt-Right that is already unified with another gesture, the moment that paper gets beaten by dynamite or a new scissors, we have the fallback system already in place to take over.

The ‘dynamite’ salute of Islam or a new ‘scissors’ movement could be countered by the use of one of these gestures:

Thumbs Up: It is already widely used and thus the ‘energy’ stored up in this gesture’s impact on people’s subconscious could be co-opted for huge results. If people began trying to demonize it they’d become conflicted since so many historical photos depict its use in such benign contexts, which is the brilliance of this type of psychological warfare. This also happens to be the alternate gesture some kids use as ‘dynamite’ in ‘rock-paper-scissors’. This represents an explosive that wins against the three conventional gestures but its appearance is thiccer than the index finger salute so that implies it has a higher payload than a skinny shitty stick of dynamite.

Hand Gun: A gun beats dynamite because you can shoot someone while they’re fumbling around trying to light the fuse. As a gesture its not one that could be given to a leader the way most others can, so perhaps there could be a version where the hand is held straight up in the air with the elbow at a 45 degree angle or less. The barrel forward version would be reserved for photos or gestures towards the enemy. Another option to make it more distinguished to prevent the association with the ‘L’ shaped “Loser” sign kids make (in the cocked upward version) would be to use the index and middle finger for the barrel.

Finger Circle: Many people get this gesture mixed up with the ‘Ok’ hand gesture since they both form a circle with the index finger and thumb. What’s crucial here is that the ‘Ok’ symbol has been used for awhile now by the entertainment media and become associated with what appears to be nefarious intentions. The image of celebrities at the top of this article shows them making this. The Pepe hand gesture is a circle with the other fingers closed, but there does seem to be  a high number of people in the alt-right using the ‘Ok’ gesture (this is most likely a mistake of them not noticing the difference). They are clearly different and thus don’t carry the same intention. This one to the right could symbolize many things such as the interconnectedness of all things, the vacuum of space (where dynamite can’t ignite), or any number of other possible things.

Whatever happens going forward I’m certain that the resourcefulness of the movement will come up with the best strategies to deal with whatever comes up. If I ever see what I think to be some serious challenges not being fully recognized by other people, I’d just push the concepts and solutions I’ve presented in this post harder. For the time being though this is just meant to get people thinking about these types of concepts and perhaps share them if any of them catch on in people’s minds.

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