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The Ingaevones ~ Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians

In this video I just posted to my Teutonic Shamanism channel, I explain the history of the Ingaevones or the Ingvaeonic peoples. My initial interest in them was because they happen to make up the majority of my personal ancestry. Today this tribal group is collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons. Considering the success of their martial history and resulting spread to every continent across the Earth I thought it would be worth investigating this ethnic group back to their pre-Christian presence on mainland Europe.

There is a wide range of different myths and facts surrounding their origins and characteristics as a people. The rune that represents them is Yngvi, or Ingwaz. Their patron deity is Yngvi, although more commonly known as Freyr in the Norse sagas. As one of the 5 major Germanic “greater tribes”, if you happen to be descended from them I hope that you can enjoy this bit about your history! Watch the video below for more.

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