r/K Selection Theory Ends All Political Debate

If there was an easy to explain theory that caused a controlled demolition of your detractors’ entire political worldview and left it neatly collapsed into its own footprint, wouldn’t you like to know how to articulate it? Incredibly, r/K selection theory seems to be able to do¬†exactly this. It shows without a doubt why a conservative, back to traditions type of sociopolitical system is the healthiest and most natural approach for the human species to embrace. If you logically distill any idea that applies to humans down to how it biologically and evolutionarily affects us, you will generally end up with the most beneficial system of that type. For example most people would agree that science has confirmed that concentrated sugars and fats give a temporary burst of pleasure, and that the associated dopamine surge in our brains is an evolutionary mechanism that came about to help us seek out calorically dense food sources in the wild. The problem with this mechanism is that it leaves us susceptible to the over indulgence of highly refined sugars and oils that are so freely available in our modern post-agricultural world. Over consumption of them is linked to a range of chronic diseases … Continue reading r/K Selection Theory Ends All Political Debate