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Vigilante Justice – Open Source Firebrand Radio Ep. 2


I hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and that leading up to this New Year you’ve been accomplishing the final goals you had set for yourself in 2016. If it was a rough year for you for any reason, I wish you the best in this upcoming one! I think we’re all headed for an auspicious and unconventional year ahead. I’m quite looking forward to it. Between Christmas and spending a lot of time with my family this last week I was quite strapped for time in pulling this episode together, but I managed to stick to my schedule!

It’s available on YouTube as well as Soundcloud but every time I upload to the latter it replaces the previous episode due to a 3 hour maximum time limit for a standard profile (I need to upgrade my account to a “Pro Unlimited” account). I’m not entirely sure if I want to stick with that platform, but whatever I decide on I will have it hosted somewhere that is audio only for those of you who prefer that way of listening to it. I’ll get that sorted as soon as possible though and then update any old posts with any episodes that have disappeared.

If you like the information I’m presenting please consider donating or signing up for a recurring monthly subscription donation so the show can go on. We had a couple of donations even after just one show which was absolutely incredible. I wasn’t expecting that at all, and I take that as a strong sign that the content is definitely something people want to hear. Many thanks to all of you whether you donate, or even just share and listen to the episode during this fledgling phase of the podcast as we vanquish our enemies going forth into this new year.

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Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts in the comments on this post or on YouTube.

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