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Execute All Pedophiles in a Horrifying and Brutal Manner

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

The work above is titled “Saturn Cutting Off Cupid’s Wings with a Scythe ” and it was painted in 1802 by Ivan Akimovich Akimov. One reason we consider abuse and crimes against children to be of paramount revulsion is that we understand on a deep level that in the majority of cases trauma on the developing mind of a child creates far more long lasting impact on damaging that child’s future than equivalent types of trauma done to adults. It can set them up for a complete failure to thrive in life (higher likelihood of developing many types of mental illness, substance abuse problems, engaging in prostitution, etc) and/or they may themselves continue on the cycles of violence and become monsters themselves, further deteriorating society and future generations.

Another reason is that we simply find it beyond redemption for someone to be so cowardly as to take advantage of a person as small and weak as a child. It’s a similar but much less concentrated revulsion that we also feel when see or hear about a man hitting a woman, an adult taking advantage of an elder person, or someone perfectly healthy abusing a disabled person. Bullies and predators take advantage of size and strength differences. They’re all impulsive baser animal behaviours that have no place in society at any level. What seems to me like an increasing tolerance and apathy towards these crimes is a growing crisis.

The worst of these tumours in European founded countries is the creeping advancement of the normalization of pedophilia. We’ve seen examples of this in many articles being written in recent years such as many that have openly discussed how pedophilia should no longer be considered a mental illness but rather be considered as an orientation, to how pedophiles who claim to not act on their urges should be accepted by society, and even just yesterday a new law passed in California that decriminalizes child prostitution (which lets be honest might as well be called child rapestitution). This is absolutely the progression of the slippery slope that traditionalists and conservatives have warned the public about for ages.

For those of you who don’t feel dizzy, nauseous, or suddenly find yourself grinding your teeth, you can read that article about the new law above for all of the details, or just consider that there’s no question this law will backfire. There may have been noble intentions behind it, although I doubt it considering what we all know to be going on within the Democratic party in the US with #PizzaGate and other unforgivable coverups of what the degenerate perverted elites are engaging in. Here’s one excerpt:

“Legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.”

There’s no children working as prostitutes on their own free will (even if they did, they can’t consent, they’re kids!) without someone behind the scenes controlling and taking advantage of them. The proper way to deal with the problem is to simply alter the punishment for the crime to eliminate all juvenile detention time and replace it with being taken into some sort of program that is actually designed to help and protect these minors from falling back into the hands of predators while allowing them to be able to finish school and develop skills to become independent once they’re adults. Across the board, in every country studied, decriminalization and legalization of (adult) prostitution has resulted in increases in sex-trafficking controlled by criminal elements.

Having child rapestitution remain as a criminal act however allows police to be able to interfere in the completely coerced situation child paid rape victims find themselves in and they can then interrogate and incentivize them into giving up who ever is manipulating or even forcing them into selling their bodies. To learn more about the various other signs of this normalization occurring, check out this article which lists various bills and changes in policy by both Democrats and Republicans that are yet more signs the ruling political class are crammed full of predators and other future testers of rope tensile strength.

There’s only one good type of pedophile, a dead one.

The dead ones, whether from state execution or vigilante reprisal killings, which I of course don’t condone there goy, creates a massive social pressure for these vile subhumans to not only go back into hiding, but also to fear acting on their impulses in private as well. Slaughtering every last one of them (that’s self-admitted or confirmed by a court) on its own isn’t enough though.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup. This is me talking about the need for mass executions. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation… Well I’ve actually been a long time skeptic of capital punishment due to many prisoners executed in the past having later been exonerated by DNA evidence. There’s plenty of good arguments for capital punishment however, such as it granting a greater sense of justice to victims, but because of its permanent nature I believe it should remain as a verdict kept only for those convictions where there’s proof as strong as genetic, video, photographic, or perhaps multiple eyewitnesses (if none of them know each other previously in some way). For convictions of rape, murder, and pedophilia without evidence that strong, but that still passes the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ maxim, a life in prison type of sentence should be given out. Maybe our posterity can turn Madagascar into one big prison island for criminals convicted anywhere on the planet.

Removing pedophiles from the gene pool, as there seems to be a bit of evidence that some people with pedophilia can have a bit of a genetic predisposition towards it, is the first step to cleaning up European societies. The second step is to shift our entire culture from ‘r’ selection towards a ‘K’ selected culture once again. Early childhood sexualization is a major component of what creates ‘r’ selection in a society and keeps it stuck within that paradigm of chronically poor standards of living. Everything I promote and work towards with my articles, videos, and podcasts is directly or indirectly designed to help us return ourselves, our families, our societies, and our culture back to one of noble ‘K’ selected traits.

I got into a strongly worded exchange with someone online earlier today. The intentional tactics and attitude I used are very different from the ones I use when I disagree with someone over something more benign like “is this diet better than that diet”. When it comes to matters of r/K selection and whether it’s an accurate theory or not, then it becomes a debate about the underlying fabric of what creates social stability. Political policy is merely the surface expression of these underlying social values a society holds. I specifically advocate for this tactic only when dealing with people you don’t have a personal connection with (not with friends and family you want to remain close to!) and only for these macro-type issues.

It’s totally possible to have a non-confrontational discussion when discussing the difference of monogamy vs. polyAIDSory with someone, but if someone shows even the remotest sign of sympathy, apathy, or compassion towards pedophiles, it is your moral duty to let them know in as strongly of a worded way as possible what will happen to pedophiles and pedophile-enablers in the coming shift of the Overton Window. Make them feel uncomfortable, make them question voicing their opinion on the subject ever again while they hold that perspective, and most of all make them understand that if and when society allows it, you’ll be someone who comes after them to beat some sense into them (I don’t mean for you to be making recorded threats to people, rather speak about things in general terms).

What follows is a transcript of the exchange I had with someone in the comments of a post a friend made about this new California law.

Anyone who has the time to go through any of it will see the hardcore attitude and outright hostile venomous language I think is worth spitting at people who make the mistake of showing anything but uncompromising disdain for the plague in human form that are pedophiles. Some of you might even think I went easy on him! Good, I probably did. Their original response to the OP’s (original poster) shock and horror of this new California child prostitution law was attempting to highlight that the law itself is somehow benign and only helps children. They were completely oblivious to this new social engineering push for the normalization of pedophilia which I decided to bait them into a flame war over:

Govan Kilgour: Yes the law is terrible, this isn’t about saving children from legal consequences because THE VAST (if not entire) MAJORITY OF CHILDREN IN THE SEX INDUSTRY ARE FORCED INTO IT. Children caught in prostitution aren’t treated like adult prostitutes. They’re put into recovery type programs because of how fucked up it is for them to be in that position.

This is about the slippery slope the scum that direct politics are pushing the West towards. They’re normalizing pedophilia. Watch and see, they’re already talking about classifying pedos as just a fetish, not a mental illness DESERVING OF EXECUTION.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Are you saying that this new law has ended programs to help recovering sex slaves integrate into society?

Govan Kilgour: Did you see me say that anywhere?

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Not explicitely, that’s why I asked. We don’t execute convicted pedophiles in America. Also, i asked you to clarify because the organization of your thoughts is garbage and I could barely extract meaning from your rant, let alone how it relates to this specific thread at this point in time. I made the previous comment because your response annoyed me, completely glossing over my request for clarity, and stunting the discussion.

Govan Kilgour: “Not explicitely, that’s why I asked.”

No, there was no mention of it. Your attempt at creating subtext is known as a strawman.

“We don’t execute convicted pedophiles in America.”

No shit. We don’t in Canada either. The day will come though.

“Also, i asked you to clarify because the organization of your thoughts is garbage and I could barely extract meaning from your rant, let alone how it relates to this specific thread at this point in time.”

Ad hominems aren’t arguments. If you missed the point of what I was contributing, you might be an ‘r’ selected degenerate yourself as its pretty clear I’m stating there will be no quarter for pedos and pedo enablers in future changes to political structures in the West.

“I made the previous comment because your response annoyed me, completely glossing over my request for clarity, and stunting the discussion.”

Boohoo! I didn’t conform to your way of discussing a topic. I brought the discussion right back to where it’s meant to be, whether we allow society to crumble on the slippery slope towards normalization of pedophilia, or people develop a backbone and the balls it takes to stand up and curb stomp the fuck out pedos and those who promote its normalization.

Your original comment is challenging OP’s completely natural REVULSION that such a thing could be beginning to occur in a Western country. You can join the march back towards ‘K’ selection or you’ll be ground under foot as we take back culture from all those who seek to wipe your family and heritage from the face of the Earth.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Your command of langauge is still garbage.

The fact that you consider my criticism to be an ad hominem further proves my point that your command of language is garbage.

Govan Kilgour: “Your command of langauge is still garbage.”

>Talks about command of language
>Repeats the exact same insult

Day of the rope is coming. Will you be the one hoisting degenerates up, or the one being hoisted. Only you can decide. Stand against pedos and pedo enablers. No quarter. Might is right.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Your attempt to sow divisiveness bores me. The “with us or against us” mentality is tired and played.

My criticism of OP has nothing to do with the subject matter within the article, but rather with how OP treats articles in general.

At which point, you interjected with an emotional rant, clearly triggered by something you think I said / implied.

Repetition is one of the most effective forms of communication. Everybody who has studied MLK’s “I have a dream” learns that in the 9th grade.

Just stop Govan.

Govan Kilgour: You’re choosing the side of the pedo enablers. Noted.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: I don’t have time for this bullshit.

You’re so full of shit you interject yourself in a conversation you do not even understand and start levying opinions nobody asked for on a topic nobody was talking about.

Whatever moral authority you claim by opposing pedophiles, you immediately undermine with complete fuck-witted ass-hattery.

So what’s your game? Troll? Too full of yourself to see anything but your narrative de jour? Misguided, misunderstood, or misinformed?

Govan Kilgour: Lmao, maybe we need another category besides ‘the rope’ for enablers. Drawing and quartering those who vehemently defend their support for ‘r’ selected degeneracy’s imposition into our culture.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: What do we do about the degeneracy that has taken you?

Govan Kilgour: What degeneracy do you think has taken me? I’m not perfect but I strive to better myself every day so I’d welcome someone pointing out any actual faults in myself I might have missed or not yet overcome.

Once one becomes aware of how r/K selection underpins every aspect of society, and is expressed in politics, you’ll become a champion for the return to ‘K’ selection in yourself and society as a whole. You’ll be for the absolute destruction of everything that seeks to push ‘r’ selection in society as it threatens all prospects of a stable future for yourself, your children, and your culture.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Great, so you’ve pinned your sense of fundamentalism to r/K selection theory. Your new scientific religion is cloaked in academic language, but your style of diction reveals the temperment of a religious zealot.

Govan Kilgour: Just calling something a religion and implying it’s irrational or ‘zealotry’ because it threatens your reproductive strategy is nothing close to an argument. Again this boils down to how you view pedos. Are you for immediate execution on the spot once they’re confirmed as/admit to their degeneracy, or are you a limp wristed ‘r’ selected enabler of their predatory, society disrupting pathology.

If you have on shred of compassion or tolerance for these monsters you’re halfway as mentally disturbed as they are. You’re obviously not an immediate danger to society as they are, but the lack of instinctual revulsion towards their existence calls into question whether you could be a stable contributing member of a society rooted in striving for long term health and stability.

Being passionate with one’s diction around a topic isn’t a disqualifier for that stance either. Shape up or ship out.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Have you ever considered that the propagation of r / K selection theory is itself a result of r-selected traits?

Govan Kilgour: If you had an argument for that to be the case, the ease of presenting it would be your response to me, not asking me if I’ve “ever considered the propagation of r/K selection itself to be ‘r’ selected”.

I first considered you to just be a typical middle of the road person lost to the mainstream culture’s propaganda and who’s just unfamiliar with these concepts, but it’s clear you have some weird investment in clutching to your stance. Argue the point, or bugger off and test the tensile strength of some rope to save us the time.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Cute evasion. Have you ever considered that the propagation of r / K selection theory is itself a result of r-selected traits?

( p.s. I didn’t ask because I was interested in whether or not r / k selection theory undermined itself)

Stop thinking so hard, it’s a super easy question.

You don’t require 15 minutes to reply. A Yes or No will suffice.


Govan Kilgour: Considering you didn’t answer prior questions of mine, I’m not going to dignify obfuscation tactics and questions that are sidesteps to what it is we’re discussing. You’re capable of reading up on, and figuring that out for yourself.

It’s clear you’re a pedophile enabler or even one yourself. Curb stompings and rope will await you in your future unless you get your act together and shed your degenerate scum ridden worldview.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: You reading this OP?

Is this guy your BFF or somethingh?

OP: not productive conversation

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: This guuy literally interjected himself and started talking shit

Govan Kilgour: Lmao, OP has a child, he knows and can relate to exactly what I’m talking about even if he won’t verbalize it in the same way. He knows the core base instinct of what would come out if someone threatened his posterity.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: OP, do you plan to join the lynch mobs?

Govan Kilgour: Who wouldn’t lynch a pedo? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. You’re scum.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Thats all I rlly wanna know


Will you be in the lynch mobs?

Govan Kilgour: Cry harder pedo enabler, or grow a backbone.

OP: No, but I’m seeing extreme reactions here, which I haven’t said anything about on either side. I’m not saying I fully agree with Govan, but I’m not seeing how any of the conversation is constructive either way.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: So you are an r-enabler for lynch mobs?

( jk jk lmao)

Govan Kilgour: Holding anyone accountable who has the slightest shred of sympathy towards monsters is always constructive.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Yes yes I understand your fundamentalist position

Govan Kilgour: Jfc, you’re unbelievably disgusting.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Are only pedos monsters? Or are other things deplorable?

Are you capable of determining which people are monsters and which are not? Is it really a binary kind of thing? No shades of gray?

Govan Kilgour: Lol, not too many things warrant being immediately expunged with as much ferocity and unforgiveness, but yeah murderers and rapists, warrant similar fates.

I clearly said early on ‘those proven to be/admited to be pedos’. I’m not talking about miscarriage of justice, just far harsher justice.

OP: I wish I had time to say “yes I hope they find perfect ways to deal with children that have been forced into these situations” and all the other factors this topic is related to. I’m also not just saying we should just be going lynch mob on people…I’m for awareness of what is going on with children as far as sexual slavery and how much it gos on..and I was wondering how this was connected to it all really, that is all, I post these things because sometimes someone, comes on here and explains something rationally and helps me understand why it may or not be important…maybe that will lead t clarity..there’s just arguing going on here now lol, not going any where towards clarity.

Govan Kilgour: I also never said anything about lynch MOBS (implying vigilante justice). Lynching has been carried out by various governments around the world for millennia.

OP: points on both sides, but no context for a productive conversation on such a subject…

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: So what is the rope for? And will the cub stomping be merely metaphorical?

Govan Kilgour: It’s always productive to hold the hot iron of absolute and unforgiving scorn to those who promote/forgive one of the most socially destructive crimes in existence.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: oookay but what does that have to do with anything? Scroll up, I was talking with OP about how he always seems to react to things before reading into them

Govan Kilgour: Sure and my reaction to your comments was that’s irrelevant in this case as the slightest sign of enabling pedos and pimps to children should be met with absolute unforgiving brutality.

Rope is for hanging. Curb stomping is just another creative and brutal means to an end.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: If the rope is for hanging then there will be a lynch mob pushing for the necessary legislation to legalize their blood lust.

Govan Kilgour: Now you’re not reading and following the conversation. I literally just wrote “Lynching has been carried out by various governments around the world for millennia.”.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Your reaction should have been that my comment was irrelevant, and then you should have moved on.

Govan Kilgour: My reactions have been exactly as I intended them to be, and they’re not subject to your view of what they “should have been”.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: That’s not very K of you.

a K selected individual would value manner and rechnique. You tend more toward chaos than equilibrium

Govan Kilgour: I don’t see how that ties into any ‘r’ or ‘K’ selected reproductive strategy. Trying to troll like that is pretty pathetic considering how deep of a hole you’ve dug yourself into as a pedo enabler.

So if you were an official state agent licensed to carry out such a thing, are you now prepared to hang pedos yourself?

Passion and unforgiving drive isn’t chaos you fucking cretin.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Wow you don’t even understand your own pet religion theory?

How can you separate anything from genetic selection?

The epigenetic process does not start and stop at your leisure

Govan Kilgour: Obfuscation and trolling when you’re backed into a corner is intellectual cowardice.

The pedophile enabler is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, monster, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a pedo enabler and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Then you’re one hell of an intellectual coward

Govan Kilgour: Kys

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: pwned

now piss off m8

Govan Kilgour: Kys pedo-enabler. Excuses for such crimes is the lowest level of coward next to being a pedophile oneself.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: backed into a corner are ye?

Let us take note here of who is breaking down mentally

and who has remained even keeled

Govan Kilgour: Lmao, implying passion means your argument is wrong. You’re LITERALLY defending pedophilia. Listen to yourself.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Uh no, being a moron means your argument is wrong.

Go read some quotes about untempered passion. You have so much steam to blow off, you’re like a roaring flame that needs to burn a while before its useful.

Govan Kilgour: Even if you didn’t see yourself as doing that, you haven’t ONCE actually defended against that accusation! You fucking know what you’re doing! You know your stance is absolute scum and in any real world situation you’d be scared as all hell to voice such opinions, but online you believe you’re safe.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: I don’t have to defend myself against empty accusations. What makes you think you are valuable enough to me that I owe you some sort of defense?


How hyped up on yourself are you?

Govan Kilgour: I’m not the one taking an immoral position and I’ve countered any of the baseless claims you’ve made. You haven’t even touched the myriad of explanations I’ve given for how what you’re doing is enabling pedophilia through apathy. You can’t respond to it. You obfuscate and dance around the issue like the spineless ‘r’ selected coward you are.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: I don’t have to respond to it. You haven’t provided any evidence, so there is nothing to respond to. I wouldnt respond to a snowflake that fell on my face either.

Govan Kilgour: Loads was presented. That’s what all of my initial posts were about. You’re too wrapped up in clinging to your ‘r’ selected degenerate reproductive strategy that you can’t understand reason, so you began flinging mud, and here we are.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: lmao

Bro I’ve been feeding you one liners for an hour

and watch you squirm

Then you 10 minutes to load up your mud cannon

and barrage me with a wall of accusations

Govan Kilgour: >watching you squirm
>says a guy who’s literally a pedo-enabler and hasn’t denied or counter claimed it ONCE

Kill yourself or step up and grow a spine.

Future Rope Tensile Strength Tester: Here’s what is going to happen:

Im blocking you and going back to my life.

I’ll give you a few mins to take the last word.

Good fucking luck dude.

Govan Kilgour: Finally! He’s going to go kill himself!

[/end e-ovening]

He actually never did block me and we continued with a few more back and forths but it had mostly fizzled out by this point. I will absolutely credit him that he did come through and finally disavow pedophilia itself, but he never said a thing about how this law was wrong or that he was clearly representing a position that is one of pedo-enablement. Nothing but the harshest scorn should be afforded people with this slimy ‘r’ selected untermensch mindset. Be open to people coming around on the issue in time of course, but sometimes that requires a significant life event such as them having a child of their own, or even a niece/nephew to activate this once far more common basic instinct.

Give no quarter kindred agents of mutiny. We’re taking back the West.

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