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Sense of Urgency – Open Source Firebrand Radio Ep. 4


Another late podcast this week. I don’t intend for this to become a regular occurrence but these last few weeks for me have been quite chaotic. I explain in the introduction that I had a pipe burst in my apartment not long before Christmas this year and the repairs have occurred in chunks. This past week was the final flooring work that had to be done. Then not even mentioned in the podcast was how the night before last when finishing the editing and preparing to export the episode I had to free up some space on my hard drive.

Without going into excruciating detail, it was late, I was tired, and I accidentally deleted some files I definitely needed. Friday the 13ths have never really had much effect on me before… I realized I had to attempt a recovery of them, so I had to stop the export and anything else I was doing as the more you do after deleting something (even just browsing online) the higher the likelihood is that you’ll write over it and be unable to recover it. The downloading of the software, deep scan recovery attempt, and then transfer to an external hard drive took another whole day on top of already being a day late. Needless to say it’s been a real pain!

Anyways here’s this week’s episode. There’s not too much I have to say in introducing it. There’s just four segments this week as the 3rd segment was quite long again, although not as long as last week’s. If you like the information I’m presenting please consider donating or signing up for a recurring monthly subscription donation so the show can go on. The support and feedback has been great so far and I’ve started adding time stamps below the YouTube version of the podcast if you’d prefer to skip to a particular segment or re-listen to it later.

YouTube Version:

Links mentioned in the podcast:
(8) My YouTube video about activities that can raise IQ.
(9) My YouTube video criticizing unnatural sexual fetishes.

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