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4th Generation Warfare – Open Source Firebrand Radio Ep. 5


This week’s episode covers a very central theme that what will be reviewed and returned to in many podcasts to come. There’s a wealth of writings and historical accounts of a wide variety of different military tactics used by both governments and non-state actors that are available for us to study. The ancient and modern history of espionage, revolutionary warfare, covert operations, propaganda dissemination, and more can afford us many insights going forward with this global movement we’re currently engaged in.

Depending on your core ideological political leanings, you might have a knee-jerk reaction to me reading from sources such as communist revolutionaries, but learning from the tactics used by successful movements doesn’t mean you have to agree with what they stood for. If what they did worked, why not learn from it? Just like during a time of conflict it can be crucial to steal enemy technology if it’s ahead of yours, the same applies to information regarding the tactics involved in subterfuge and asymmetric warfare.

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Time stamps for the segments in this podcast:

Introduction – 2:00
Recent News – 23:40
Selected Reading – 38:50
Tactical Ideas – 1:06:55
Recommended Entertainment – 1:46:40

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