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Punching Left – Open Source Firebrand Radio Ep. 6


So much happened in the last week since the US presidential inauguration, but in this episode I just discuss one of the highlights of the protester violence of when Richard Spencer was punched first in the midst of trying to give an interview, and then a second time that same day. Many people have been all over the place with this depending on your political leaning, but the most logical stance is to take it in stride and move forward knowing that this is the standard being set.

Many of us hold onto our moral platitudes almost as tightly as one might stick to a religion. The reality is that in conflict, the one who sinks to the lowest standard is usually the one who wins through the added advantage that that brings. There’s no immediate danger with what’s occurred but it has certainly made it clear that the ideological divide in North America is widening. In my opinion this is completely natural and completely healthy.

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