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Who Kills More People? Lone Wolf Snow Apes or Hajji Sand Goblins?

The recent shooting in Quebec has sparked intense debate online on both the details of this event as well as the wider discussion of extremist violence. It’s funny how the latter only gets brought up by the tunnel-vision hypocritical left when it’s a white shooter who targets non-whites. I’m not surprised though and I certainly can’t fault them for doing whatever they see as necessary to advance their ideology, even when it includes complete intellectual dishonesty and cowardice. Most of this post will deal with this phenomenon but first there’s a few things I will say about the Quebec Mosque shooting that raises questions about its authenticity.

Yes I’m bring up the ‘false flag’ possibility, and no, deriding an idea based on the epithet ‘conspiracy theory’ isn’t grounds for dismissing anything, nor am I making any claims about other events and whether or not they’re false flags. I’ve actually never made any public argument for false flag theories around shootings and have actually argued against them on a few occasions.

I mostly avoid these conversations due to how speculative they are but something strikes me as completely off about these events. There’s absolutely no doubt that most government intelligence agencies have and do engage in black-ops (false flags being one type) at times, so they’re entirely possible. Here’s 42 examples of admitted false-flag operations by various government officials from around the world if you’re skeptical of that idea. False flag psychological-operations happen very often at the street level as well such as when cops impersonate anarchists during a protest to incite them to greater violence, or when leftist activists impersonate Nazis and spray paint swastikas in strategic places to generate an uproar, etc. Anyways here’s the concerns I see with info about the Quebec shooting so far:

  • There are reports from multiple witnesses who have claimed there were two or more masked shooters
  • There were also reports of “Allahu Ackbar” being yelled by the attacker(s)
  • The second suspect¬†Mohamed Belkhadir who was of Moroccan origin was released after 12 hours of questioning which is a long time when his story could have been corroborated quickly by security cameras
  • This is extremely convenient timing with PM Turdeau’s Liberal Party pushing ‘Islamic hate speech laws’ through parliament at this moment
  • He fits the profile of everything the Liberal Party of Canada would want in a scapegoat to push laws through faster on everything from claims on Islamophobia, people critical of feminism, etc
  • The claimed lone shooter’s archived FB profile shows a different person from what he’s being portrayed as since he likes pages from a range of different mainstream political pages and figures
  • He had only very recently liked the fb pages for Donald Trump and Marine LePen (that’s why they’re high up on the list), and these are the only real concrete signs of him having populist leaning views
  • Someone who knew Alexandre Bissonnette from school said that he had been pro-Israel and this can be confirmed by a few of his older FB page ‘likes’
  • Despite this the media is attempting to paint him as a ‘white nationalist’ which is an anti-Zionist ideology
  • We’ll have to wait for a frontal mugshot to be released to be certain, but of the pictures of Alexandre available, none of the typical physiognomy signs such as sanpaku are visible on him which is a feature that almost always accompanies people capable of mass killings
  • One report has said that Alexandre had two AK-47s in his car and hadn’t used them because they jammed, yet another report says multiple shooters had used the AK-47s during the shooting itself
  • There’s legal semi-automatic weapons available in Canada which one could more easily get access to, even without the proper license, whereas AK-47s are illegal to purchase or own in Canada
  • Obtaining AK-47s would require extensive online security knowledge to order anonymously on the darkweb, purchasing them from the crime world (and since Alexandre is described as an extreme introvert this is unlikely), or would require personally smuggling them across the US border

Regardless of the truth behind this matter, whether it’s a well timed government false-flag to give the Liberal Party more leverage in passing laws and opposing Trump, or if it’s a purely coincidental attack that the media is abusing to deride their ideological opponents gathering in the wake of Trump’s victory to the South, the discussions that follow after events like these are important to have.

A narrative that gets dragged out after every white shooter type of attack is the “epidemic of Right-Wing terrorism” myth.

I’ve seen the exact same Washington Times article (from 2015) pop up across social media on many occasions. It’s title grabs attention with “Majority of fatal attacks on U.S. soil carried out by white supremacists, not terrorists“, and while it has been rendered completely factually useless after the last two years where we saw a huge increase in victims of Islamic terrorist attacks occurring in the US, even at the time of its publishing the data had to be misrepresented for their narrative to seem credible. It’s no wonder the mainstream media has been experiencing a steep decline in viewership in the last decade. These archaic sycophantic institutions are withering on the vine and will soon be overtaken by legitimate outlets… or by clickbaity Buzzfeed knockoffs.

The data in that article was based upon the conclusions of this report, which I don’t think it would even be possible to call a study with how absolutely diminutive the reasoning abilities are of those are who slapped this nonsense together. Now the report has been updated with new data as it comes out, I’ll grant them that they’re at least being honest on this, but their methods are still awful, so the differences in total violence is larger than they show it to be. The graph you see next to this text outlines their conclusions about “Right-Wing” terrorism. The fact that they make a point to only begin counting from after 9/11 is even more absurd. There’s no reason not to include the number of deaths from that event except for the fact that it would make you look bad if you were trying to shill for Islam to be perceived as innocent. Regardless, the number of 50 deaths caused by right-wing terrorists had me stumped. I knew of the 9 dead BLM activists from the wrath of Dylann Roof’s attack, but I couldn’t think of any other instance off the top of my head.

Their so-called report doesn’t list their sources for their numbers visually either (you have to download some files I don’t even have the right software to be able to read) but I knew some abortion clinic attacks had occurred not too long ago and in looking it up, yes there had been 3 killed at a planned parenthood clinic in 2015, and 1 killed at a clinic in 2009. Some further searches pulled up some articles explaining their sources which included 6 deaths in the 2014 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and what Time magazine’s article said “as well as many lesser-known attacks on Jewish institutions and on police”. Wait… so this data is including individual race motivated killings and lumping in libertarian/anarchist anti-cop killings in with “right-wing” race motivated killings?!?

At this point I’m realizing the shear level of incompetence demonstrated by these ideologues and how it hasn’t even been venomously derided within the space of public discourse at all yet. This type of blatant propaganda is such a low-bar tactic I’m surprised and disgusted no other major article or content piece has been written about it and despite my reach not being anything special, I knew I had to at least get to ball rolling with how often this “research” was being cited. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians exist on both the left and right of the political spectrum. White people who are motivated to kill non-whites are without a doubt always authoritarian in their views. Everyone knows one of the top career choices for crypto-nationalists is law enforcement and the military! That’s why we love our troops and police officers. That’s also part of why both left and right leaning libertarians hate those institutions!

Most nationalists are also quite centre of the road in terms of their political views. The only thing usually right-wing about them is their racial views but other than that their placement on a political compass often has them as more centrist than even the Democratic party. There’s always exceptions too but lumping all of these groups into one label of ‘Right-Wing’ which the Cultural Marxists are constantly trying to turn into an epithet is off base. Regardless, the only significant far “right” (libertardian) police killing I could remember and find was the Las Vegas shooting in 2014 in which 2 police officers and one civilian died. If you include this in the total, then there’s now 22 “right wing” politically motivated acts we can point to as having caused deaths in the US.

So you must be wondering what makes up the other 30+/- deaths that this report is calling ‘Right-Wing’ terrorism.

Me too… and I’m sure they have examples for every case and what you’d see is a range of individual people killed (police or non-white people) in lone wolf type attacks where there may or may not be a clear motive present, but the authors will still pigeon hole this broad range of violence into one convenient category. It’s almost as if ideology trumps reason for these people! The devastating point which should actually have them wanting to stick to a method of calculation that only uses mass killings (3+ deaths) for this report is when you consider how many individual killings of whites and cops by others groups have occurred since 2001.

A staggering number would surely exist simply due to the amount of calls for violence by black nationalists which falls on deaf ears of the cultural left and their embarrassing double-standards. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of ‘Nation of Islam’ called for 10,000 blacks to stalk and kill cops in 2015. There were five cops shot in total in 2016 in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest that summer. The sniper who was killed while being arrested had said on social media that he ‘wanted to kill white people’ and he had liked “Nation of Islam” on FB.

So which were these 5 killings placed under, the Left-Wing extremism statistic or the Islamic extremism one? Do we need a fourth category on this chart for black terrorism against non-blacks and the police? In 2014 two cops were executed by a black BLM “activist” in the Bronx neighbourhood of New York. In 2015 an officer in Texas was gunned down from behind while he filled his car with gas by a black male, completely unprovoked. In 2016 three cops were killed by a black man in Baton Rouge during similar fallout from a protest. Where were these 11 racist/anti-cop terrorist acts placed on the graph by the people who compiled this report?

There were 224 police officers killed by blacks between 2005-2014. Of course the majority of cop deaths for every ethnic group is almost certainly going to be from various types of resistance to being arrested, however for blacks who are 13% of the population but made up 40% of cop murderers in this time period (they make up around 28% of the arrests in the US in a given year so they’re killing cops at a higher rate than any other group), how much of that higher rate of violence towards police is due to anti-cop rhetoric? Has this rate gone up since Black Lives Matter began in 2013 and if so how much has their movement contributed to the incitement for blacks to wantonly kill cops?

If the authors of this report are going to be including 30+/- random cases of whites killing minorities or white anarchists killing cops as “Right-Wing” terrorism, I’ll assume they’ve combed through each and every one of these cases of slain officers as well as ones from the years not mentioned to see how many blacks were acting out of malice towards cops and whites vs. those just resisting arrest. Or wait, is there a reason I shouldn’t trust the honesty of the authors of this report to have been completely unbiased and accurate in their complete and total analysis of all crimes committed by every racial group since 2001??

How many whites have been murdered by blacks since 2001 with race being a motivator in the attack?

If we’re now defining terrorism as individual hate-crimes as the authors of this report have done but only to suit their broad label of the “right-wing”, then every case of a non-black murdered by a black needs to be examined since 2001 as well. That’s not actually how I, or anyone else defines terrorism, but if you look at how in 2010 blacks (who were 13% of the population) committed 18.5% of all hate crimes while whites (who were 64% of the population) committed 59% of all hate crimes, it brings awareness to how blacks are going to represent a higher proportion of hate-crime based murders (those FBI hate crime figures don’t include murder).

The Bureau of Justice Statistics statistics on interracial murder in the early 2000s shows that blacks were murdering whites at nearly 3x the rate as whites were murdering blacks. When you factor in the population difference any one black person was 13.5x more likely to murder a white person than the other way around. As you can quickly begin to see the authors definitely won’t want to go down this road if they want to preserve any semblance of their heavily biased narrative remaining intact. The fact that blacks commit a higher rate of hate crimes and and far higher rate of interracial murders gives us a strong indication that if the fourth category were to be added to this chart we’d see blacks as the largest terror group in the US by dozens or more times over any other group. Muslims would have them beat however if you factor in that they’re just 1% of the US population compared to the 13% black population (something the authors of the report also didn’t take into account).

There’s no end to the horrifying stories that can be brought up since 2001 which demonstrate this trend of brutal black violence, but one of the worst was the 2007 carjacking, kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by 5 black subhumans. Black gangs often have initiation rituals that involve targeting whites for crimes, or even murder. Two black males in Milwaukee killed Laylah Petersen, a 5 year old white girl in 2014 by riddling the side of the house where she lived with bullets. They haven’t been apprehended and the local media suppressed the news story. These types of crimes are on the rise due to media negligence, white apathy, and racialized hostility from nearly every other group including our own.

If blacks are the biggest terrorist threat in the US, and potentially the world, what does this have to do with events in Quebec?

Well it’s just reminding everyone to keep everything in perspective. Even though blacks commit disproportionately more crime and often with a racist edge to it, many people are quick to dismiss their out-group hostile intentions as completely understandable and sometimes even legitimate forms of protest. The legitimization or condemnation of violence by one group or another is a topic far too in depth to get into this late in a post, but what can be said is that if white or “right-wing” violence is truly on the rise, then the perceived legitimization of it must also be on the rise. Seeking to understand the points of view of anyone in the ideological circles of any of these attackers would be the intelligent course of action for anyone to take who’s striving for a peaceful future in Western society.

If we ignore black anti-social behaviour, Islamic terrorism in the West is the largest contributor of social disruption that is occurring. They are also the group with the least length of time and claim to a right for existence in the West of any other group. People have vague ideas of Western Imperialism that they use to justify their presence here, but when you recognize that only a few industrial elites and the country of Israel have really benefited from Western millitaries sowing discord in the Middle-East, then you can understand how unjust it is for Muslims to insert themselves into our lands, let alone cause the staggeringly disproportionate terrorist acts that they do.

Can you really be mad at someone who sees the problems a group causes and then decides to do something about it? If a government in power is bent on exacerbating the problem as T-dawg’s has done, then fallout like this is completely predictable. Anyways that’s enough whining on my part about other groups being more capable of using violence to get their way than Europeans for today. It’s been quite evident for awhile now that whites are beginning to care less and less about fitting in with social codes of political correctness, and even more so now it seems moral codes about violence are coming apart at the seams.

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