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Order Out of Chaos – Open Source Firebrand Radio Ep. 8

Goede Dag!

After a month long hiatus, the show is back with a bit of a different image and format. In this episode I talk about how the faster society declines, the better it can be for us. As long as there aren’t enough people awakened to the necessity of socially conservative values to be the standard, then we’ll never see the change we want. Recognizing this can actually be a relief as many people in the movement become increasingly black-pilled and depressed by the ongoing negative events we see happening around us.

now I’m not saying you should laugh at the hardship of our kin who become victims of the twisted events that are occurring, and of course if  something bad happens and no one hears about it, then it’s 100% bad for us, but when bad things happen and enough people hear about it, this begins to red-pill the wider population. If this happens too slowly then people become acclimatized to it all. If it happens rapidly enough, it shocks people into becoming far more aware than they otherwise would have been had those events taken place stretched out over the course of a decade.

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