Govan Kilgour is a Canadian researcher, writer, podcaster, and vlogger. He is primarily of English and Scottish stock but has some Welsh and Manx branches in his family tree as well. When not working or traveling he spends his time exercising, training in Russian Systema, and exploring many other types movement practices as well as meditation.

His work online over the last decade has largely been focused on health and longevity, but more recently he’s been covering a wider range of topics that he sees as crucial to the future survival of European people and culture. Whether it’s history, world events, demographic issues, social engineering, and more, Govan always makes in-depth and scientifically backed arguments for his stance on any given issue.

You will also find topics relating to pre-Christian European spirituality on this blog. These three broad topics of health, culture, and spirituality are covered on the separate YouTube channels of his (SecretsOfLongevity, GovanKilgour, and TeutonicShamanism), but this blog acts as a hub where you can come to view many of these posts in one place.