I make a very small amount of ad revenue from my Govan Kilgour YouTube channel. Over the years the changes to YouTube’s monetization policies has resulted in many people have multiple videos demonetized, or put into tiers of reduced monetization where they produce as little as 1/10th the amount of ad revenue we used to be able to get 2-3 years ago. As long as I am careful about the topics I cover and how I word my content I can usually avoid falling into that category of extremely low monetization, but it’s still not viable revenue that can be relied on to help grow the output of this work.

If you do have some disposable income but would like to get something tangible back with the money you spend, consider checking out my recommended affiliates listed on my other website ‘Secrets of Longevity’ (turn off any ad-blocking apps for my site) which has plenty of effective natural health products and other items for purchase. Below I have a couple of affiliates listed related to this site as well.


Sending an email transfer is a way to help me avoid PayPal’s percentage based fees, although if the donation is small the cost of an email transfer can exceed this fee. Per transfer PayPal charges me 2.9% plus $0.30 plus other small fees depending on other circumstances. In this case any transfer by PayPal is usually cheaper if the amount is under $25 as the cost of an email transfer is set at $1-$1.50. For this reason if you’d like to make small but regular donations I’d generally recommend sending a larger chunk less frequently, but of course any amount at any time is helpful! Send any email donations to this address (you can’t copy and paste this, it’s an image):

A single one-time PayPal donation is something most people are familiar with doing and if you’d like to occasionally toss some coin my way, it will always be immensely appreciated. In some ways PayPal is more anonymous for you than an email transfer as it hides your identity better from your bank to mine. PayPal accepts multiple types of payment and it is very secure to use. Click here and donate any amount you’d like:
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I accept bitcoin donations as well which have the lowest transfer fees by far of any method of money transfer (after handing someone physical cash in person). There is some transfer fee on my end depending on when and how I want to transfer bitcoin funds into my local fiat currency, but it’s still less than the above mentioned methods. There is a technical learning curve to using bitcoin though so I’d stick to the above methods unless you want to learn more about crypto-currencies and how they can be used to take power back from banks. When used properly it has the potential to be far more anonymous than any other donation method. I’ll add donation codes for other crypto-currencies in the near future as well. Scan the QR code below or copy and paste the address to send me bitcoin:


Food Affiliates:

U.S. Wellness Meats is one of the best online sources for grass-fed and pastured raised animal foods. They have a very wide selection of products which makes them fantastic if the animal products where you live aren’t quite healthy enough. They also have raw cheeses available. They only ship within the US. Check them out here.
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Programs/Books/Equipment Affiliates:

Dragon Door is a publishing company, online store, and workshop/certification program all rolled into one! They offer some of the most unique books, DVDs, and programs on strength training and martial arts available online. They publish books for some of the top innovators in the fitness industry. Check them out here.
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 Service Affiliates:

OrangeWebsite is the web host I use. It’s based in Iceland which has some of the best protections of free speech in the world. This means your blog can’t be taken down for any reason no matter who you piss off. I’ve written an in depth post about why you should use them as a web host on my blog here. Check out their site here.
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Theme Forest is a great place to get a great looking blog or website template. I am using one from there and it was a tough decision to figure out which one to use as there were so many great looking styles. Having a good looking template can mean so much for building your brand. Check out their site here.
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